My former workplace has a habit of naming custom sensor builds after exotic salt-water fish. I’m continuing this by naming my home projects after commonplace freshwater fish.

Project: Arduino 0 “Bluegill”

Project description: Use and Arduino and piezosensor to make a high-speed camera trigger. Capture fast action photos of people popping balloons.
(It’s best in full screen and High Definition. Navigate with link below to YouTube to view with these settings)
Project: Arduino 1 “Catfish”
Project description: Make LED display using custom-designed PCB, serial shift registers, optoisolators, etc. Only one pixel lights at a time, though continuous images can appear due to fast frame rate. Adjust frame rate to find Nyquist frequency of human visual system. Have fun displaying shapes. Finally integrate Wii nunchuck control to explore accelerometer use.

LED code written by me from scratch
Nunchuck code borrowed from Growdown and WiiChuckClass

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