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My Youtube channel has all the videos organized by playlist.The playlists are:
Image Sensor Introduction
Image Sensor Noise Sources
PCB Design
Cell Phone Radiation and the Brain


Aesthetic and method inspired by Khan Academy

Videos made with: Camtasia Recorder ($300) + SmoothDraw3(Free) + a Wacom Bamboo Tablet ($80)

Future work

I want to make tutorial videos on the subjects listed below.

EE General
RC time constant
Heterodyne/Homodyne receiver

IR Sensor Readouts
ADC (how it works)
Inverters (creating AC signals)
Direct injection
Bump Bonding

Shielding, Cabling, and Grounding
How good is aluminum foil as a shield?
ESD (what is it and how to prevent it)
Triaxial Cables
Single ended vs. differential transmission and ground loops
What does twisted pair protect against? Core with shield? Twisted pair with shield?

PCB Layout
Stackup (stripline, microstripline, rules of stackup)
Magnetism and Inductance 1 (what is magnetism, different types of magnetism, what is inductance, how electric guitar works)
Magnetism and Inductance 2 (wire length and inductance, ferrite beads)
Why your understanding of signal transmission is probably wrong.
Fundamental rule of PCB design “Know the path of return current.”

Converting light to 120VAC with photodiode
Switching converter vs. lab power supply

DIY and System Level Stuff
Determinism vs. latency
10GigE vs FibreChannel
Reed-Soloman Error Correction
Eye Diagram
High speed serial link
Verilog vs. VHDL
Microcontroller vs. FPGA

EE Semiconductor
Basic 2-metal process
SCR Latchup
FN vs. Direct tunneling
Carrier lifetime and transistors speed
Einstein equation
SCR and MOSFET Snapback

Tolerance analysis
Noise (how to treat it, how to add it)

Image Sensors and Image Processing
Photon Transfer and Mean/Variance (regions of the curve)
Shifted Microlenses
Derivation of conversion gain from Mean/Variance curve
Noise and gain register
Quarter wavelength AR coatings
X-Ray detection
Quantum Efficiency (internal and external)
CDS vs. Sample up the ramp
Pingpong mode
Pinhole camera
Poisson statistics
Photometric vs. radiometric
Analog CDS
Digital CDS
3T, 4T, 5T and energy band diagrams
sRGB gamma image processing
Pixel size and diffraction limit
Calculating gain through mean/variance curve
Nonimaging optics
PRNU http://harvestimaging.com/blog/?p=916
Pinned photodiode
3D Time of Flight Imaging (e.g. Kinect)
Red eye effect
Why do Xrays work
JPEG compression (JPEG LS vs JPEG 2000) (wavelet, cosine)

9 thoughts on “Tutorial Videos

  1. Hi,

    despite the wonderful description on CCD vs CMOS, I’m wondering what software do you use to write on?
    Am I guessing right that you use it with a penbased graphic tablet?


      • Hi Blake,

        thanks for the answer. That you used a Wacom tablet was obvious since there is nothing reasonable else on the market.
        Since I have to stay on Linux Camtasian Recorder is not an option but there are plenty of OpenSource tools that do the job of recording display actions quit well. SmoothDraw, version 4 now, is what I was looking for, because I couldn’t find any app where you can have a black background or more than two colors to choose. The only drawback is, that it’s written with .netframework and not with modern concepts like Python3x, os independant. Will be some hours of work with mono to get it running.

        I have to say again thank you very much for your videos!
        I used them for inspiration on some of my courses in my local astronomy group. I couldn’t show them directly, because the members don’t speak english. The way you explained how ccds/cmos work and what the differences are was most impressive to my group. I told them, where to find the material I used for the courses to hopefully direct them to your website.
        Keep up the good work!


  2. Your Image Sensor video is great, Could you help to prepare a practical design example for cmos image sensor? which is from specification , simulation, layout to postlayout simulation. Thank you for your great effort!


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  4. Hi Blake,

    I love your tutorials; however since you have no new material, do you know of any other tutorials similar to yours that cover the same material?


  5. Hey there, You’ve done an incredible job. I’ll definitely digg it
    and personally recommend to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this site.

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