Khan on Charlie Rose

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9:50-11:50 Why does this work?
Liberated experience to make the video.
Would have looked very different if it was produced for profit.
Good content is actually informal, has a human element, not distracting or patronizing with silly games.
Same as Charlie Rose show, a black room with conversation between interesting people
No bells and whistles, low complexity, which gives you a channel to access complexity

14:07-15:38 What’s wrong with the way we teach?
More than the way we teach, a systemic problem with the way school is structured
Assessment does happen through test, but the class moves on as if everyone knows the subject 100%
People keep having gaps in knowledge and then you have a class/subject where you hit a wall
No matter how good the teacher, you’ll have gaps.

17:43-20:30 On his process of going from “I’m curious” to a video
Likes to see a scaffold, a map (most books don’t do this well)
Start by reading Wikipedia entry to get the scaffold
Then really immerse self for as long as it takes
Makes sure he can make intuitive connections

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